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Energetic Hygiene

Beautiful healing crystals, burning sage, earthing with Mamma Gaia and working with the elements are some of the various sacred ways we can cleanse and maintain our energetic field. However, without the emotional work, no amount of smudging, crystal carrying in our bras or crystal pleasure wands in our vaginas will cleanse the potency of heavy emotions living within our energetic fields. It is an absolute privilege we have access to these powerful external resources to support us on our life’s journey here but it’s important to remember that we give these tools permission to work with us. Whether unconsciously or subconsciously, we invite them to manipulate our energetic field. It is our willpower and focus of intention which permits these tools to work their magic in our lives. This highlights how intrinsically powerful we are.

Emotional Regulation & the Energy Field.

The profound impact emotional work has on the cleansing and maintenance of our energetic fields is often overlooked probably because emotional processing and regulation is far less sexier than self pleasure wands and less spiritually mystical than smudging. However, I truly believe that these external resources can only take us so far. Even somatic practices such as ecstatic dance and yoga or energy clearing such as chakra healing, I feel with the addition of emotional processing and regulation can perform true lasting healing miracles on the mind, body and soul level.

“Emotions are energy in motion”- Peter McWilliams.

It can be tempting to use all these magical shiny tools and skip over the grit it takes to go inside and work with the sticky, overwhelming and frightening emotions. However, if we truly want to be sovereign over our vessel, energetic field and in turn, our lives, no number of external resources will take away the importance of exploring our emotional inner realms. Fundamentally, this realm dictates the choices we make which ultimately result in the depletion or expansion of our energetic field.

Ultimately, the most powerful tool for managing and cleansing our energy field is us- you. We all have an infinite well of power within us, accessible to us at any point in time. However, we must preserve our connection and relationship with our power to ensure the strength of our energetic fields. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions either bring us closer to or farther away from this power, which in turn impacts our energetic fields. Often, highly sensitives and empaths (myself included), may attribute the draining of their energy to external sources such as other peoples’ psychic vampire tendencies and energies. This is partially true, however ultimately it us who give these individuals, groups, or systems the power to influence our energetic fields and in turn our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Energy Depletion & Giving Our Power Away.

  1. We submit to subconscious psychological power dynamics through archetypal labels.

Our energetic field is weakened through giving our power away. This is done through various ways, one being as simple as the labels we give others. When we do this, we are submitting to a subconscious power dynamic which agrees to them being the villain and us being the victim; them being with the power, us being without. We always have power. Free will is one of the main agreements our soul made before we entered this Earth school. Though the maya and illusive nature of having the human experience may trick us into believing we are not free to exercise our will. The ultimate truth is, if we are here, we always have free will.

2. If we’re paying attention to it, we’re giving it our energy.

Another way we give away our power is by where we choose to place our energy. What we decide to give our attention to, we give our energy to. This includes both positive or negative attention, it feeds the essence and energy of the individual, group, and system. There has been many a time where I have geared up to fight the good fight, fighting for justice and what I believed to be for a good cause. There is indeed a place for spiritual activism.

However, sometimes effective spiritual activism is no longer fighting individuals, groups or systems which aren’t aligned with our path and instead utilising this energy to create new groups and systems which actually work for us. Which are in deep alignment with our values, morals, and heart centred intentions. When we are unable to discern between what is spiritual activism and what is fighting a losing battle, we are unintentionally giving our power away through using our energetic reserves to feed those essences we aren’t actually intending to keep alive.

3. Who we let into our energetic space, on a physical or psychic level.

Who and what we let into our energetic field are influencers of our energetic hygiene. We permit others to enter our energetic spaces through either giving our permission or inviting them in. This can be done subconsciously or consciously and is not to be confused with simply allowing people into our physical spaces. In the past I’ve subconsciously and unknowingly held onto to the energetic cords between myself and my ex partners which means I have maintained these energetic connections, even when I haven’t spoken to or seen them for long periods of time.

I discovered this mainly through my dream space, where it was brought to my conscious attention through their frequent presence in my dreams. Once I was aware of what was happening, I was able to do the emotional work I needed to do around releasing these energetic ties. Conscious invitations of entry into our energy fields are more obvious in terms of how they’re impacting our energy. Sexual energy exchange is one of the most powerful ways of exchanging life force energy, so its’ important to be consciously intentional around where and who we exchange this energy with, especially for the more intuitive, sensitive, and empathic ones out there. Without knowing, we can be pouring our energy into others physically, emotionally, sexually and psychically.

Final Thoughts.

Our emotional realm contributes hugely to the choices we make around all of the above: the archetypal labels we apply to ourselves and others (eg, villain, victim), what we choose to pay attention to and what/who we allow into our energetic fields. This is why it is essential we include emotional processing within our energy clearing practises for strong energetic hygiene. With the intensity of the collective energy, along with the planetary changes and astrological energies that influence us. It’s important that now more than ever we maintain a conscious connection with our energetic fields and create an intentional management of our energetic hygiene with a loving and compassionate approach. It’s all an exploration and we are all being invited to enter new energetic, emotional and physical territory on this journey called life right now as we experience this Great Awakening unfolding.